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World Toilet Summit 2007 em Nova Deli

Carta de Naipaul a um amigo, datada de 26 de Fevereiro de 1963 (citado em Jeet Thayil: Divided Time: India and the End of Diaspora, Journal of Postcolonial Writing Vol. 42, No. 2 November 2006, pp. 125–128)

"(The lavatories in Palam were literally covered with shit and the aerodrome officer could only speak of the shortage of staff i.e. sweepers). I wonder, wonder if the shitting habits of Indians are not the key to all their attitudes. I wonder if the country will not be spiritually and morally regenerated if people were only made to adopt the standards of other nations in this business of shitting; if only they could be made to see that they owe some responsibility to people—for this is what the Indian’s shitting habits explicitly deny. I am sorry to speak so much of shit, but my main emory of India is likely to be fear of shitting and shit—I cannot tell you what a luxury it is now to know that almost everywhere one goes one can be reasonably sure of clean bathrooms, and that this involves no degradation of anyone."

O World Toilet Summit realiza-se este ano em Nova Deli. É uma organização da World Toilet Organization: "A major world conference devoted to toilet provision and standards, the Summit sees delegates from all over the world attending conferences, experts’ forums, seminars, toilet exhibitions, network meetings and amazing toilet tours"

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  1. Gosto de ver este assunto quase tabu abordado racionalmente.

    Sempre que viajo em paises ditos dub-desenvolvidos, deparo-me com casas de banho nojentas e sem condicoes.

    Comentando com malta tb a viajar, todos dizem "eh pa tens de te habituar, isto ate tem graça".

    Mas nao tem. Nao tem graça nenhuma.

    Casas de banho sujas nao tem graça. falta de saneamento basico nao tem graça. falta de esgotos nao tem graça.

    literalmente, as casas de banho em muitas paises por esse Mundo fora sao uma MERDA.

    E nao, nao ha que apenas "adaptar-se a isso". Ha que lutar por algo melhor.

    obrigado por este post Tino.