segunda-feira, 25 de setembro de 2006

A globalização não pára nem perdoa

Thomas Friedman, no New York Times ("Anyone, Anything, Anywhere"):

"It turns out that many multinationals like the idea of spreading out their risks and not having all their outsourcing done from India — especially after one big U.S. bank nearly had to shut down last year when a flood in Mumbai paralyzed its India data center the same day a hurricane paralyzed its Florida operation. And there is no risk of nuclear war with Pakistan here. "When I first approached this big U.S. bank to outsource some of its services to Montevideo, instead of India," recalled Mr. Rozman, "the guy I was speaking with said, 'I don't even know where Montevideo is.' So I said to him, 'That's the point!' ".

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  1. Kudos to Mr. Rozman. This story is bound to repeat itself over the coming years...the question is when will Portugal see this?