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Sea Change (Economic Times)

Um artigo sobre a diáspora indiana em Portugal, que se baseia (demasiadamente e às vezes erradamente) numa entrevista que eu dei à jornalista Ishani Duttagupta, do Economic Times. Mesmo assim, uma generosa meia página no maior diário económico indiano. Em relação ao "expert on the Indian diaspora in Portugal", é obviamente fruto de hipérbole jornalística e que recuso. Não sou expert nem sobre mim mesmo.

Portugal attracting skilled Indian immigrants
7 Feb, 2008, 1820 hrs IST,Ishani Duttagupta, TNN

An interesting statistic about Indian immigrants in Europe is that Portugal has among the largest numbers of people of Indian origin. According to the report of the high level committee on the Indian diaspora, Portugal has about 70,000 PIOs and NRIs. “Indian immigration to Portugal has happened in different waves from the 16th Century onwards. The first wave was the Portuguese ships which carried craftsmen, tailors and others with specialised skills from India to Portugal. They have had a distinct influence on the architecture and culture of our country. The second wave was of Goan intellectuals who went to Portugal to study and then settled down and the third and most significant wave was in 1961, when the people of Goa were given the choice of opting for Portuguese citizenship.

That was when a large number of Goans in administrative services and military officers immigrated,” says Constantino Hermanns Xavier, a researcher and expert on the Indian diaspora in Portugal. He adds that a large number of Gujaratis and Maharashtrians joined the Indian immigrants in Portugal from former European colonies such as Mozambique, Macau, Angola and Kenya, when they got their independence. Continuação

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