domingo, 8 de agosto de 2004

Microchoques culturais (II)

“So, you like JNU?”
“Yes, it’s a great campus, I’m loving it”
“So where do you stay only?”
“I’m getting a flat outside, in Munirka DDA Residential Area, with two friends”
“So you’re not staying in hostel? They have not give you room on the campus?”
“I would get a room, but I chose something outside, nearby the campus”
“Why?” (silêncio macabro)
“Because I want to have more space, and my friends are coming to visit me from Goa and Europe.” (sei que estou tramado)
“But they can stay in hotel, or your family is poor?”
“No, but I would like to be with them as much as possible when they come down to Delhi”
“But this is veeeeriii bad for you, you will loose the campus life and not integrate properly, you know”
“Yes, but that’s why I am staying very nearby, just five minutes walking from the main gate and I will have a bicycle”
“Dat is nod de same ding. You will not participate in the campus life. And how much you paying. It is not expensive?”
“Its is 3000 Rupees each (salário mensal para maioria da população indiana), but I get back 2500 from my scholarship, as House Rent Allowance”
“Ohhh, I see, so Indian Government is paying you to stay in private room, I see, because you don’t like hostel conditions. Ok, as you like. I see.”

2 comentários:

  1. Gonçalo said:
    lindo, cheguei agora do algarve, a morrer de sono e fome, mas ainda me ri, tou ansioso por chegar aí c o meu novo lança-chamas!!!
    (1-0, slbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb sempre)

  2. Bem, não sei se estás tramado, mas em todo caso se estiveres é com estilo, já que 5/6s da tua renda são pagos pelo estado, enquanto q outros vivem no campus... isso é que eu chamo quase de "roubo passivo" ao Estado... é 1 bom começo de payback pra ti pelo que te fizeram à tua querida Goa, eheheh...