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Fabuloso, surreal: Nazi preso em Goa

(A amarelo, as partes mais "interessantes" e as gralhas (?) mais berrantes: isto ainda vai dar um blockbuster em Hollywood, ou alguém se enganou no calendário e pensou que o 1 de Abril foi ontem...)

Nazi war criminal held on Goa border

PANJIM, JUNE 27 — A German intelligence wing succeeded in nabbing Johann Bach – who was responsible for World War II genocide of Jews – in the jungles of Khanapura on the border of Goa and Karnataka after tracking him from Calangute.
Perus Narkp, the intelligence wing of the Berlin based German Chancellor’s Core, with the help of senior intelligence officials of the Indian government, have located and apprehended Johann Bach, an absconding high-ranking Waffen SS (Schutzstaffel) colonel in the Germany’s former Nazi party, said a press release issued here.
The release stated that 88-year-old Bach was posted as a senior adjutant at the Marsha Tikash Whanaab concentration camp in East Berlin and was responsible for the genocide of more than 12,000 Jews in World War II. More than any other offenders who have been prosecuted in the Nuremberg trials, which were set up to look into heinous war crimes during the World War II.
He had been absconding for more than 50 years after.
Bach has been apprehended and taken to a safe location in a joint top secret operation conducted by the Perus Narkp and intelligence officials of the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.
After the Perus Narkp received a tip off from its sources that Bach was in Calangute region of Goa, he was placed under observation for the last six months. According to Marsha Tikash Whanaab concentration camp documents seized by the Allied forces after World War II, Bach was responsible for the exploitation and death of more than 12,000 Jews in his concentration camps. He has been absconding since the fall of the Third Reich.
Bach’s acts were incidentally also glossed over in the Nuremberg Trials. The case against him was revived following reports in the Israeli media, which claimed that Bach had resurfaced in India.
The Perus Narkp followed the India lead with the help of its counterpart intelligence agencies in India. The Perus Narkp then received a lead which informed about an old foreigner wanting to sell an antique, priceless 18th century piano. A similar piano had been reported missing from an East Berlin museum (in close proximity of Marsha Tikash Whanaab concentration camp) after World War II.
The absconder had been hiding in Goa for the last few months under a fake name in Calangute. His preliminary interrogation has revealed that he has earlier stayed in Argentina, Bulgaria, Yemen, Canada and then in Goa, the release stated.

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