domingo, 1 de junho de 2008

Fragmentos da leitura

By madness I mean heavenly enthusiasm, the highest and most intense spirituality of character, in which faith rules supreme over all sentiments and faculties of the mind....The difference between philosophy and madness is the difference between science and faith, between cold dialectics and fiery earnestness, between the logical deductions of the human understanding and the living force of inspiration, such as that which cometh direct from heaven….Philosophy is divine, and madness too is divine….The question naturally suggest itself – why should not men be equally mad for God? (…) Gentlemen, we are going to combine meditation and science, madness and philosophy, and there is no fear of India relapsing into ancient mysticism”

Keshabchandra Sen (1838-84), filósofo e asceta indiano, líder do Brahmo Samaj, durante a sua palestra “Philosophy and Madness in Religion, proferida em Calcutá a 3 de Março de 1877. Citado em “The Nation and its Fragments”, Partha Chatterjee, p. 40

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