quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Pérolas do Times of India

Estas pérolas só mesmo no Times of India, é claro:

New Delhi: A 38-year-old foreign national was allegedly molested inside a spa at a five-star hotel in upscale Vasant Vihar area of south-west Delhi. The police have registered a case of molestation and arrested the accused person. (...)

The victim has said in her complaint: "While the masseur was giving me a head massage, he started molesting me. As I was in semi-conscious state, he continued his act. After a while, another person entered the room, on which he threw a towel on me. The other person went outside, but I woke up." ... "The masseur began massaging my head again, and once more, he molested me. But this time, I caught him and screamed at him. I also informed the staff at the spa centre about the incident," the woman claims.

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