segunda-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2008

Indelible India

Para abrir o apetite à minha Passagem para a Índia deste mês, intitulada Swagatam?, na revista Atlântico, que já deve estar nas bancas. No Hindustan Times de ontem (p. 12), Eliza Hilton:

... Sexual harassment? Well, when I was asked the question it took me right back to certain memories at this home of mine - a man masturbating while looking at me, through the night, in a cramped train compartment all the way from Siliguri to Kolkata; a man pressing his erection against my back in a crowded train in Mumbai; the offer of starring in a porn film in Kolkata; bruises welting my thighs fom grasping, pinching hands in a Delhi Ramlila gathering. ...

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