segunda-feira, 19 de novembro de 2007

"Ordinarily resident"

Num documento legislativo, o seguinte parecer da Comissão de Eleições indiana, sobre a definição e entendimento de "ordinarily resident", critério constitucionalmente essencial para que um cidadão indiano se possa recensear eleitoralmente no círculo de que é natural:

"A person is said to be ordinarily resident in a place if he uses that place for sleeping. He need not be eating in that place and may be eating from a place outside. Temporary periods of absence from this ordinary place of stay can be ignored. It is not necessary that the period of stay should be continuous for any particular length of time and should be without any break."

"On the other hand even persons living in sheds, and persons living on pavements without any roof are eligible for enrolment provided they are ordinarily resident in the sheds or on pavements in a particular area, do not change the place of residence and are otherwise identifiable."

"Inmates of jails, hospitals, beggar homes, asylums etc. should not be included in the electoral rolls of the constituency in which such institutions are located as they are staying in these institutions only for a temporary period. However, eligible inpatients of sanitaria, leprosaria, etc., where they undergo prolonged treatment may be taken as ordinary residents of these areas where such sanitaria etc. are located."

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